Deals Log

Hello! I'm flamelier.

Here you can see a log of my previous deals.

I have handled a total of $9,709.95 across 6 deals.

My average deal is $1,618.33.

My largest deal logged is $7,880.13.

My smallest deal logged is $13.69.

My discord username(all lowercase) and ID is below. Dont forget to join my discord server.

ID Site Seller ID Buyer ID Deal Value Description
6Discord123456654321$7,880.13Third test of admin panel system.
5MC-Market123456654321$404.13Second test of admin panel system.
4Discord123456654321$1,337.00Test of admin panel system.
3Discord01234567899876543210$13.69Privacy Policy
2MC-Market01234567899876543210$30.00Single Color Logo Animation
1Discord01234567899876543210$45.00Double Color Logo Animation